Smart & Make Up begins blogging

That’s it the “Girls” and the “Boys”, I dash for the first time into a great adventure Blog.
Then, by where to begin?
It is true that this “small animal” exists for a long time and that a lot of subjects were already treated.
There is truth question: What innovate them could I well approach to captive you?

Make-up…International make-up, Cosmetics brands, Trends, Fashion…But all this, between us, we have already seen, read, known. What seems to me more interesting, it is good on to express you my opinion on such or such product, or speak to you about the last novelty, but even there I hesitate.
We have already seen, read….it.

You know what? We are UNIQUE. Nobody looks like anybody. When we realize a make-up, the latter is made according to the morphology of your face. Our role, at Smart & Make Up, is to sublimate you, to reveal your natural beauty, to make you felt beautiful, good in your body.

A success make-up, is a make-up wich makes you stronger, which gives you trust, which makes you feel UNIQUE.

I’m a Makeup Artist. And my job is exceptional. It is made by meetings, by collaborations, by creations, by colors and the list is long. My team an I, are lucky to work in all the domains in the business sectors. There, the list is long too.
The diversity “feeds” us, Our job sharpen our curiosity and our imagination.

I could indeed explain you how to manage of the make-up lips in the style of Pat McGrath. It’s amazing! Have a look on her Instagram. I shall explain it to you probably next time. I can also give you some “tips and tricks” make-up of with your friends will be jealous…Yes that also I shall make it certainly.

Well, all this asks for a little of reflection.

Then, of a “beating” of lashes, I leave you to come back et to see you very fast.

“Makeupment vôtre”