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Smart & Make Up

Our values: respect, generosity, creativity, passion, diversity and variety

Professional make-up is a multifaceted field, rich in encounters, projects…

To be a professional of aesthetics, of Image, in the broadest sense of the term, requires from us, the best. Our profession allows us to accompany both companies and the general public.

Sublimate, “dress”, “paint” a face, build a story, create an emotion around a Woman, a Man …
All this makes each day a unique day.

Welcome to Smart And Make Up


Creativity is contagious, make the turn. Albert Einstein

Fashion shows, photo shooting, performing arts, festivals, special events, advertising campaigns, external or internal business communication, "features and full-length features, Video Clips...and so on. We accompany you with passion in your artistic project.
From the beauty enhancement to the creation of looks or characters, we offer to you all our talent.

We work in France, Europe and abroad Internationally.

Let's meet.


The reflection of a beautiful image means in the collective unconscious: professionalism and reliability

Are you creating your website?
Do you want to dust it off?
Are you “producing” an indoor/outdoor photo shoot or a video of your company to make yourself known or better known?
Are you developing or strengthening your presence on the various communication channels?

Presenting a beautiful image of you and your employees is essential.

We will accompany you and help you to achieve this, putting our skills at your service:

For women: Professional make-up and beauty
For men: The “good look” effect – professional make-up for men
HD and Ultra HD beautification techniques to meet today’s visual demands.

Need for :
Communication Agencies
Web designers

Our BtoB partners are at your disposal.

“Be Professional
“Be Visual

Tailor-made quotes
We operate throughout France, Europe and internationally

Your activity brings you to the light?!

Smart And Make Up accompanies you to take care of your Image, throughout your “Personality” mission(s).

A real tailor-made solution to suit your needs and requirements in terms of appearances, interventions, speeches, photo sessions, interviews…
We follow you on your travels.

Together we study your needs and build your Smart Personality.

Tailor-made quotation…

We operate throughout France, in Europe and internationally.

Smart And Make Up and its Partners, women and men in the field, listen to you, advise you and support you in your projects:
Advertising campaign, information campaign, awareness campaign, short film…

Our fields of action
Beauty Makeup, Corrective, Ethnic, Photo, Fashion (studio photo, fashion shows, events)
TV make-up (news, talk shows, actors)
Video clip make-up
Make-up Special effects (creation of wounds, bruises, haematomas…), Airbrush Stencils, Aging, Tattoo camouflage, Make-up/noMake-up

Tailor-made quotations

We operate throughout France, in Europe and internationally

The Team Appearance is a collective workshop, set up to teach your employees and/or teams how to look their best, with beauty and healthy glow effects adapted to each person’s facial morphology.

The image of your company also depends on that of your teams.

Presenting a good appearance is a guarantee of a good impression and seriousness towards your clients, partners, shareholders…

Before the Master Class, we meet to determine together your needs in Team Image (make-up plan)

Non-exhaustive programme, adapted to the needs and values of the company:
Present your company’s make-up plan
Morphology of the face, shape of the eyes
The colours, the play of light and shade
The products, their texture, their effect, their rendering
Taking care of your face
Correcting imperfections
Steps for a woman’s make-up, for a healthy glow effect for men
How to apply make-up effectively to obtain a professional and long-lasting make-up
Achieving a perfect complexion
Enhancing the eyes
Tips and tricks from the pros
Practical application in the form of self-make-up
Personalized advice according to each person

Group session from 4 people
3 hours: 250€ HT/pers
Equipment and products provided during the coaching

We intervene on site*, throughout France, Europe and internationally
*Travel expenses not included

Formations - Training Courses

Change job, learn, to perfect, to master new technics, for diversity

5 days
30 hours
Individual or group training

Presentation of the equipment, accessories, their use
Presentation of products: brands, textures, rendering, effects, mixing…
Hygiene rules
Suppliers, professional accounts
The “must-have” in your briefcase
Organising your work plan in-outdoor
Morphology of the face
Shape of the eyes, eyelids, mouth, eyebrows
Chromatic circle: primary, secondary, analogous colours, transitions…
The play of light and shadow
The steps to achieve a make-up
Correcting imperfections
Achieving a perfect complexion
Sublimating the eyes by the choice of shadows: colours, textures, effects, rendering
Lashline technique
Flat technique
Fan technique: how to blend a blush
Eyebrows: shapes, textures, effects, rendering
Lipstick: textures, effects, rendering
Practice on models provided

5 days
30 hours
Individual or group training

Revisions: Morphology and Colorimetry
Beauty, rejuvenating and corrective contouring
Highlighting and Glass Skin
Blush techniques: Draping, Sunkiss, textures, effects, rendering
Eyeliner techniques: textures, effects, rendering, lines
Smoky eyes techniques
Halo, Cut crease, Foxy eyes
False Lashes: Fringes, half fringe, individual
Make-up for mature skin
Theory – Demonstrations
Practice on models provided

2 days
12 hours
Individual or group training

Review: Facial morphology, colorimetry
Review: Beauty contouring, architectural contouring
Products: textures, effects, rendering, water-proof, water-resistant, sweat-proof,
mixing products, making products last
Natural to intense make-up for western brides
False lash application: fringe, half fringe
Training on supplied models

1/2 day
4 hours
Individual or group training
Discover the Temptu Airbrush technology for make-up.
Learn the airbrush make-up technique to sublimate a face.
Smart has chosen Airflow, a high-performance “Nomadic Airbrush” to run this training course, which can easily follow you everywhere and thus enable you to carry out various missions, whether in a salon or outside.

We have created a powerful airbrush make-up course to enable you to be operational very quickly and in a really efficient way.
A new way of approaching make-up in a safe and hygienic way, which gives an impeccable result, by “misting” the make-up with finesse and precision.

Correcting “imperfections
Choose the right foundation colour at a glance but also have the possibility to create the perfect shade and undertone
Define the desired level of coverage
Opt for a more glowy, semi-matte or matte finish
Create the complexion, contouring
Apply a veil of bronzer to warm up the complexion
Draping the cheekbones with blush
Apply a touch of highlighter
Drawing the eyebrows
Maintain the material

To finish: Apply eye make-up with the colour palette that reveals the eyes…
The Airflow Temptu Nomade make-up is made for all skin types and all ages.
The products are modular, they are juxtaposed, oil-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, vegan, not tested on animals…
Products, materials and accessories are provided during the training (except brushes: come with your own brushes or buy an effective face and eye brush kit at a low price).
Training on models provided

3 days
18 hours
Individual or group training

Master the fundamental techniques of Makeup no Makeup, Nude and Glowy
Make-up where lightness, finesse, transparency, naturalness, highlighting, colour veils are real “style exercises”.

Morphology, colorimetry
Choosing, adapting, lightening products and textures
Application techniques and the right tools
Step by step complexion preparation: preparing the skin, correcting, unifying…
Drawing “natural” contours, cheekbones, lips, eyebrows…
Dressing the eyes with delicacy
Training on models provided

1 day
6 hours
Individual or group training

Morphology of the face, shape of the eyes and eyelids
The play of shadows and lights
Products: textures, effects, rendering
Mixing products
Correcting imperfections
Reduce dark circles
Relaxing the features
Unify the complexion
Emphasize the architecture of the face
Pencils, Khôl”: intensify the look “au naturel
Theory-Demonstrations beautifying Effect good mine
Training on models provided

3 days
18 hours
Individual or group training

Make-up for mixed-race to darker skin, Asian skin…
Types and specificities
Suitable make-up products
Face morphology, shape of eyes and eyelids
Colorimetry: harmony of colours, how to choose them
Technique of the play of light and shadow
Contouring, Backing, caking
False eyelash application: fringe, half fringe
Light” and more sophisticated make-up
Training on models provided

3 days
18 hours
Individual or group training

Revisions: Morphology of the face, shape of the eyes, eyelids
Revisions: colorimetry, play of shadows and lights
Adapted products: textures, effects, rendering
The specificities of these make-ups
Giving depth to the eyes
The liner; the Khôl
Architectural contouring
Fake eyelash application
Everyday oriental beauty make-up with the fan technique
Lebanese beauty make-up with the Smoky/Halo technique
Oriental Bridal Make-up
Practice on models provided

4 days
24 hours
Individual or group training

Intervention of a professional photographer partner
Black and white photography
Colour photography
Outdoor photography: daytime, night-time
Indoor photography: studio
Influence of natural light
Impact of artificial lighting
Styles: Portrait, close-up, full-length, life style
Environments : Magazine-edit photo shoots, fashion shows…
Requirements for make-up
Retouching with software

Revisions: Facial morphology, shape of the eyes and eyelids, colorimetry, shadows and lights
Revisions: The different techniques of eye make-up, fan, Halo, Smoky, eyeliner…
Focus on current trends
Glitter Makeup
Makeup Jewelry skin
Intuitive Makeup
Monochrome Makeup
Training on supplied models

Whether you are a beginner, already have some skills or are a professional make-up artist, we can adapt to your needs.
professional make-up artist, we adapt to your needs.
We propose to build together a training program that corresponds to your expectations and
expectations and requirements.

Let’s talk about it

10 days
60 hours
Individual or group training

FX and specific make-up products, equipment, accessories
Brands and suppliers
Hygiene and safety rules
Transfer prostheses

Bruises, haematomas, cuts, scars, burns, infections, breaks
Shattered glass injuries
Bullet impact
Perforations by objects

Character aging
Facial skin changes with age
Aging of a woman
Aging a man

Feminising and masculinising a face
Morphology and bone structure of the face
The specificities of the features

Making up Special effects
Training on supplied models

Bordeaux: Individual or group training(s)
Other Cities-Regions: Some of our trainings can take place on your professional site (Expenses in addition to be planned: travel, transportation, accommodation, meals…).
For more information, please contact us.

Whatever your background:
Welcome to Smart And Make Up

Training at 2 levels: Beginner or advanced

We can also create together, your personalized training program, tailor-made, according to your needs, your level of knowledge, your objective or project… Do not hesitate to ask us.

Our trainings take place during the week as well as on weekends.

A training certificate is delivered at the end of each course.

Must be at least 18 years of age.
Before registration:
Telephone interview or by skype or by appointment, in order to get to know each other, to discuss your expectations, needs and motivations, to allow us to advise you and guide you in the choice of the module(s).

Own financing
We offer you, under certain conditions, the possibility to pay for your training in 2, 3 times without charge, in order to allow you to join us.
Let’s talk about it

Do you have a question about when a possible support for your training? We will gladly answer it.
Would you like us to take care of the constitution of your file, to transmit your request for support to the organization concerned?
Our administrative support service is made for this purpose.
Cost of the administrative support service: 120€ (all taxes included) per file.

Team Smart
We call upon our team of external speakers to animate certain modules. Professionals recognized in their field, who ensure you a high quality teaching.

We contact models for your practical applications. You can also call on your knowledge.

Professional Kit
To begin your training, we ask you to come with your own brush kit(s). If you don’t have one, we offer you a “classic” make-up brush kit for sale.

To follow the Special Effects training, we give you a list of Face & Body brushes and accessories, if you don’t have any.
This material must be acquired before starting the training.

Agenda Training sessions
Contact us to find out the dates of the sessions scheduled in Bordeaux or to define the dates of your individual training(s), either at our workshop or at your workplace.

Sandrine MYON


Declaration of activity N°7533 10392 33


Your beauty revealed

We put all our expertise in beauty make-up to make you look your best.

Whether it’s to please you, for an interview, for a meeting…
Whether you appreciate a “second skin” or more “sophisticated” makeup, you are in good hands.

We advise you in the choice of the make-up service best suited to your expectations.

Make-up service from 55€/pax
Make-up service Air flow- technical Airbrush from 75€/pax

Services provided in the workshop
Prices are quoted starting from

Muslin from 210€
A make-up trial
Beauty on the day
Airbrush Complexion option + 40€.

Topaz from 420€
A make-up trial
A hairdressing trial carried out by our Hairdresser
D-Day Beauty and Hairstyling
Airbrush Complexion option + €40

Taffeta from 320€
Two make-up tests
D-Day Beauty Makeover
Airbrush Complexion option + €40

Ruby from 620€
Two make-up tests
Two hairdressing tests carried out by our Hairdresser
Beauty and Hairstyling on the “D” day
Airbrush Complexion option + 40€.

Organza from 870€
At your side throughout the day
Two make-up tests
D-Day Beauty Makeover
Evolving make-up for photo shoot
Touch-up beauty treatment
Evolving beauty treatment for your wedding evening
Airbrush Complexion option + 40€.

Diamond from 1690€
At your side throughout the day
Two make-up tests
Two hairstyle tests carried out by our Hairdresser
Beauty and hair styling on the day
Evolutionary beauty and hair styling for photo shoot
Beauty and hair styling “touch-ups
Hairstyling and beauty changes for your wedding party
Airbrush Complexion option + 40€.

For the Groom 65€
You are going to say “Yes
Long-lasting healthy glow effect
Complexion relaxed, unified, corrections made, dark circles reduced…
Service carried out on the “D” day at your wedding venue
Travel expenses not included

We offer our services to your family and guests.
Make-up OR hairstyle : From 75€ per person
Make-up AND hairstyle : From 125€ per person
Make-up and hairstyling are done on site on the wedding day
Travel expenses may be extra

Your wedding is unique, so Smart And Make Up offers you a tailor-made service to best meet your needs and expectations.

Whatever the chosen service:
An appointment is agreed: by phone, Skype, in person…to get to know each other and to discuss your wishes, your ideas in terms of make-up, hairstyle.
We discuss: the theme of your wedding (if you have decided on one), the style of your dress, the hairstyles and many other points.

We are here to advise you and make you look your best: we give you make-up and hairstyle inspirations, according to your face morphology, your eyes shape…

We decide on a date for your trial or trials.
Before the big day, we give you an organisational plan for the preparation of the big day.

We work all over France, in Europe and internationally.

We provide wedding services in all traditions.

Travelling expenses in addition for all services performed outside the workshop:
-Mobility: Car (mileage, parking fees, tolls, car park rental…) ,Taxi ,Train (booking fees, cancellation fees, taxes…), Plane (booking fees, cancellation fees, taxes…) , Other transport…
-Accommodation and meals

Your contact

Sandrine MYON

06 26 09 60 33

Atelier Ephémère - Co Working . Triangle d’Or
33000 Bordeaux



Between You and me.