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Smart & Make Up

Our values: respect, generosity, creativity, passion, diversity and variety

Professional make-up is a multifaceted field, rich in encounters, projects…

To be a professional of aesthetics, of Image, in the broadest sense of the term, requires from us, the best. Our profession allows us to accompany both companies and the general public.

Sublimate, “dress”, “paint” a face, build a story, create an emotion around a Woman, a Man …
All this makes each day a unique day.

Welcome to Smart And Make Up


Creativity is contagious, make the turn. Albert Einstein

Fashion shows, photo shooting, performing arts, festivals, special events, advertising campaigns, external or internal business communication, "features and full-length features, Video Clips...and so on. We accompany you with passion in your artistic project.
From the beauty enhancement to the creation of looks or characters, we offer to you all our talent.

We work in France, Europe and abroad Internationally.

Let's meet.


The reflection of a beautiful image means in the collective unconscious: professionalism and reliability

The Image of “Self” in the professional sphere

Communication is constantly evolving.
The Image holds a preponderant place there.

Executives, Company managers, whatever your status or that of your structure, your own image and that of your company, have become complementary and linked.

Your communication strategy must now take this into account.

Your image, that of your employees, that of your teams, are united with that of your company.

To better share your values, deliver your message, show your professionalism, make a difference, facilitate your development?

Dare to reveal yourself. Adopt Individual Marketing.

At Smart And Make Up, we support you in carrying out this mission.

Let’s meet.

Declaration of activity N°7533 10392 33

Corporate Image Booster dedicated to virtual communication channels.
Your image as an Executive or Business Manager at the forefront.
A real tailor-made experience like you’ve never seen before, let alone experienced!
From 1490€ (Vat in addition)

Your shooting Photos “simulation” in a company
Beauty for Women
“Healthy glow effect” for Men
Advice and preparation Hairdressing
Your interview by our Professional Business Editorialist and writing an article “telling” you and your structure.
Shots taken by one of our photographers – 5 to 10 photos delivered in formats adapted to the various communication channels.

We meet each other
We get to know you and your company
We explain in detail the steps of the Digital Solution Business and the role of each one
You “tell us” the visual strategy you want to put forward to reveal your Image
We advise you to
We determine together the theme of Shooting, the atmosphere that must emerge from it
We carry out the location survey where the company shoots take place
We guide you in fashion-fashion for the session
We create a custom-made Mood-board* for your shooting
We provide you with this organizational chart* before the session

To communicate “about you” is to communicate “about” your company.

Travel costs not included

Together, with our partners: Hairdressers, Barbers, Coach Image-Relookeur, Creators, Fashion Boutiques, Tailors… We will do everything possible to make your non-verbal communication a strong visual asset.

Your morphology, your professional sphere, your personality are studied from every angle so that your image integrates your strong points.

We support you in this process, by setting up various services, led by Team Smart professionals, each specialized in a specific field related to the improvement and enhancement of “its” image.
To determine the session best suited to your expectations and needs, we meet beforehand.

Focus Bronze
4-hour Solo session
From 450€ (Vat in addition)
Discover your professional world and your personality
Tell your activity and its “requirements”.
Determine your need to enhance your image
Analyze the current image you are conveying
“Audit” your current clothing style
Define the areas of improvement to be worked on
Advise on appropriate cuts and clothing styles
Consultancy workshops Enhancement
Beauty for Women, “healthy glow effect” for Men
Define the morphology of the face, the shape of the eyes
Determine the products adapted to the skin
Choose the “colours” adapted to the architecture of the look, the face
Correct, blur, blur “imperfections”, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines
To obtain a perfect and natural complexion
We make your beauty or healthy glow effect

Focus Silver
5-hour Solo session
From 590€ (Vat in addition)
Focus Bronze Services
Hair-Barber* consulting diagnosis
Define the morphology of the face
Analyze the texture and “condition” of the hair
Evaluate your current hairstyle
Deliver today’s styling rendering
Determine tomorrow’s hair style
Explain the cut and the “Technique
Submit visuals
For Men
Beard Diagnosis to define your desires and what best suits your hair
Advise to obtain a balance and consistency between your haircut and your style
Explain the possible beard cutting techniques: Razor, trimmer, scissors…
Deliver beard care tips
Submit visuals

Focus Gold
One-day Solo session
From 1400€ (Vat in addition)
Focus Silver Services
Implementation of the advice:
Beauty Enhancement Hairdressing
Beauty enhancement Beard
Make-up Beauty: self-make-up lessons and making your make-up
Fashion-Style implementation: In-store support according to defined objectives and means; Look fitting (no purchase obligation)

We accompany you throughout this Relooking Day, during which you are surrounded by exceptional partners.

You are our guest for lunch.

Travel expenses not included

Do you work in an “atypical” job?
Have you opted for a professional path, which according to the apriori, is considered to be “more” reserved for men?

Whatever your status, create your Portrait.
From 650€ (Vat in addition)

A Life style photo shoot
An interview “Editorial Portrait”
A beauty treatment: make-up (Option Hair)


We meet and get to know each other
We explain in detail the process of the Portrait session
We provide you with Shooting locations that match your personality
We identify the location for your Life Style shooting
We advise you on Fashion for the session
We pamper you with make-up and hair (if option chosen), remaining faithful to the person you are and the image you want to show of yourself.

4 to 8 photos delivered in “web” formats and adapted to Social Network communication channels
The interview Editorial Portrait, delivered in “web” formats and adapted to Social Network communication channels

Travel costs not included

Beautiful in all occasions

A Beauty Professional – Makeup Artist – teaches you the essential techniques and “secrets” of make-up artists, to make your beauty experience a success.
Advise, guide throughout this personalized learning, you learn to value yourself to meet your professional and personal requirements.

Morphology of the face, shape of the eyes
The products, their texture
Brushes and small equipment
Taking care of your face
Steps of a make-up
Hygiene rules
Product application methods
Mastering the complexion
Sublimate the Eye
Compose your “make-up Go” kit
Make-up evolve throughout the day, for an evening….
Perform touch-ups
Put into practice (material and products made available during the session)
We take care to make up one side of your face, you make up the other.

3 hours of training during the day or at night

From 450€ (Vat in addition)
Solo, Workshop or Company* service

*Travel costs not included

Your activity brings you to the light?!

Smart And Make Up accompanies you to take care of your Image, throughout your “Personality” mission(s).

A real tailor-made solution to suit your needs and requirements in terms of appearances, interventions, speeches, photo sessions, interviews…
We follow you on your travels.

Together we study your needs and build your Smart Personality.

Tailor-made quotation…

We operate throughout France, in Europe and internationally.

You are creating your website or want to “dust it off”?
Are you updating your Company’s organizational chart?
Are you launching a new product, a new service, a new service?
Do you want to make yourself better known?
Do you need beautiful images of yourself, your teams?

We offer you modular and tailor-made solutions to meet your needs:

Make-up Woman (s), Healthy glow effect Man (s), Hairdressers, Barbers….
Non-verbal Image-Communication Advisors
Web site creators
Video makers
Community managers

Tailor-made quotations

We operate throughout France, in Europe and internationally

Smart And Make Up and its Partners, women and men in the field, listen to you, advise you and support you in your projects:
Advertising campaign, information campaign, awareness campaign, short film…

Our fields of action
Beauty Makeup, Corrective, Ethnic, Photo, Fashion (studio photo, fashion shows, events)
TV make-up (news, talk shows, actors)
Video clip make-up
Make-up Special effects (creation of wounds, bruises, haematomas…), Airbrush Stencils, Aging, Tattoo camouflage, Make-up/noMake-up

Tailor-made quotations

We operate throughout France, in Europe and internationally

The Appearance Team is a collective workshop, set up to teach your collaborators and/or teams to enhance themselves, through beauty enhancements and healthy glow effects adapted to the morphology of each person’s face.

Groups are formed to promote learning comfort.

The image of your company also includes the image of your Teams.

Presenting a beautiful appearance is a guarantee of good impression and seriousness towards your customers, partners, shareholders…

Before the Master Class, we meet to determine together your team image needs.

Intervention in a company* or at the Smart workshop.
From 4 participants.

Depending on the number of participants, groups of 4 to 8 people maximum are formed.
Several sessions are scheduled and animated according to the number of groups.

Non-exhaustive program, adapted to the needs and values of the company:
Morphology of the face, shape of the eyes
The products, their texture,
Brushes and small equipment
Taking care of your face
Fix Imperfections
Steps of a woman’s make-up, a man’s healthy glow effect
Hygiene rules
Achieve a perfect complexion
Sublimate the look
Professional Tips and Tricks
Practical application (equipment and products made available during the training)

3-hour session: 250€ (Vat in addition )/pers
4 hours 30 minutes session: 350€ (Vat in addition)/pers

Hairdressing and Barber advice in addition, led by one of our partners.

We operate throughout France, in Europe and internationally

Travel costs not included

An Extraordinary Moment

Experience an original “incentive”!
Offer your Employees a UNIQUE experience.

We put at your service all our expertise to help your Team(s) discover the backstage of a Fashion Show and a Shooting…

But not only that!

In reality, your Employees are immersed in the heart of this Event to be put in a situation and assume the role of Fashion-Show model.

Each and everyone is supported by our Backstage teams: Make-up Artist, Hairstylist, Creators, Fashion Shops, Choreographers, Photographers, Video makers…

We prepare them as real Models to parade and “shoot” like Pros.

Your Employees evolve in an energizing, bright, colourful and professional atmosphere.

We organize your teambuilding from A to Z for you.

Tailor-made quotations

We operate in France, Europe and abroad.

We support you in your projects to create corporate events:

Customer Evening, Employees Evening, Product Launch, New Collection, Opening, Gala….

We are working on the design of original events around the theme “Artistic” in the broadest sense of the term.
We create for you a tailor-made event to match your ambitions.

Would you like to go further with us?
We offer you additional options:

1/ We help you in your research Providers: Simple contact.
You deal directly with them.

2/ You call on our Team, made up of professionals from our multicultural networks.
We are your main contact person.

3/ Our “Supply organization” department works with you on the organizational implementation of your Event, from retroplanning to the Field.

4/ Our “Safety Organizator” Team presents the D-day, from start to finish: welcoming service providers, managing unforeseen events, controlling, monitoring actions and actors “before the scene”, informing you…
The Safety Organizator is there to ensure that you put all your energy into serving your guests.

Customized quotation

We operate throughout France and Europe

Formations - Training Courses

Change job, learn, to perfect, to master new technics, for diversity

5 days
30 hours


Presentation of the equipment, accessories and their use
Product presentation: brands, textures, rendering, effects, mixing…
Hygiene rules
Suppliers, Pro accounts
The “Must have” in its case
Organize your in-outdoor work plan
Morphology of the face
Shapes eyes, eyelids
Chromatic Circle: primary, secondary, analogous colors….
The steps of making up a make-up
Correct imperfections
Blur dark circles, reduce puffiness
Sublimate the look by choosing the shadows
Positioning the blushes
Eyelash Edge Technique
Flat Film Technique
Eyebrows: textures, effects, rendering
Lipstick: textures, effects, rendering
Beauty Make-up “everyday” beauty
Training on Models provided


18 hours


Flash back on the fundamentals
Contouring, Highlighting, Backing, Caking…
Liner: textures, strokes, brushes, effects, rendering
Smoky eyes in all its forms
Make-up nude/Make-up No Make-up
Training on models provided

2 days
12 hours

Morphology of the face
Eye and eyelid shape
Expression lines or “dynamic” lines: transverse lines on the forehead, Lion lines or between the eyebrows or glabella, crow’s feet lines
Reduce and correct imperfections, dark circles, bags…
Contouring ” Rejuvenating effect ” Contouring
Training on Models provided

2 days
12 hours

Facial bone structure
The muscles of the face
Deep morphology
Aging wrinkles or static wrinkles: bitterness wrinkles (million labially chinned), nasolabial fold wrinkles, sun wrinkles or perioral wrinkles, neck and décolleté wrinkles
Adapt products: textures, effects, rendering, colors….
Correct imperfections, dark circles, bags…
Reduce pigmentary changes in the skin
Reduce browning areas of the face
Blur deep wrinkles
Colour the skin
Architectural” contouring and volume of the Oval
Training on Models provided

2 days
12 hours

Make-up of mixed to dark skins
Typologies and specificities
Adapted make-up products
Giving depth to the look
Bringing light to the architecture of the face
Training on Models provided

2 days
12 hours

Cocasian skin brides
Specific features of the shape of the face and eyes
Discover your client: “personality”, make-up habits
Questioning method
Identify your make-up desires for D-Day
Advise to sublimate it
The products: textures, rendering, effects, resistance
Training on Models provided

3 day
18 hours

Origins of Oriental-Lebanese make-up
Typology and specificities of the face and eyes
The right products for you
Giving depth to the look
Eye liner-Khôl
Architectural Contouring
Application of false eyelashes
Training on Models provided

1 day
6 hours

Transform a Make-up/No Make-up make-up into a sophisticated Glam make-up
Evolutionary work from a face already made up Nude
Take into account the morphology of the face, the shape of the eyes, the textures previously applied….
A “style” exercise that requires ingenuity, creativity, analytical skills, knowledge of the textures produced, their effects and rendering
Real-life situations with “real” clients


1 day
6 hours

Morphology of the face
The products: textures, effects, rendering
Relax the features
Correct imperfections
Reduce dark circles
Even out the complexion
Apply a light contouring
Routine advice on a daily basis
Training on Models provided

1 day
6 hours

Assistance with the animation of a make-up course
Learn how to lead a Solo make-up course
Learn how to lead a group make-up course
Prepare the workshop: Materials, products, accessories, work plans

Real-life situations with “real” clients

1/2 Day
4 hours

Discover the Temptu Airbrush technology for make-up.
Learn the airbrush make-up technique to sublimate a face.

Smart has chosen to run this Airflow training course, a high-performance “Nomad Airbrush”, which can easily follow you everywhere and thus enable you to carry out various missions: Beauty makeover for clients in a salon or at home, Face look beauty makeover (Image Coach and Relookeur, Hairdresser-visagist…), Wedding beauty makeover, Photo shoot beauty makeover… But also to give you the opportunity to offer a new service, a service + to your clients…

We have created a powerful, high-performance airbrush make-up training course to enable you to be operational ultra quickly and in a really effective way.
A new way of approaching make-up in a safe and hygienic way, which gives an impeccable result, by “misting” the make-up with finesse and precision.

Airflow Make-up is:
Knowing the morphology of the face and the shape of the eyelids and eyes
Correct “imperfections”.
Choosing the right foundation colour at a glance but also having the possibility to create the perfect shade and undertone
Define the desired level of coverage
Opt for a more Glow or semi-matt or matt finish
Achieving the complexion
Apply a tanning veil to warm up the complexion.
Drape the cheekbones with blush
Add a touch of highlighter
Colouring the lips
Draw the eyebrows
Maintain the equipment

To finish: Apply eye make-up with the colour palette that reveals the eyes…
The Airflow Temptu Nomad make-up is made for all skin types and all ages.
The products are modular, juxtaposable, oil-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, vegan, not tested on animals…
Products, materials and accessories are provided during the training (except brushes: come with your own brushes or buy on the spot an efficient face and eye brush kit at a mini price).

Training on supplied models


5 days
30 hours

Intervention of a professional photographer
Black and white photo
Colour photo
Outdoor photo: daytime, nighttime
Indoor photo: studio
Influence of natural light
Impact of artificial lighting
The styles: Portrait, Close-up, floor level, life style, Fashion show
The touch-ups

Personal research work
Define your Shooting Indoor project
Determine a make-up, a hairstyle, an atmosphere…
Choose a model
Making a mood-board
Prepare the shooting session: organization, timing, coordination
Accompaniment to the make-up of the Model
Observe the Hairdresser procedure
Shooting: 2 professional shots
Training on Models provided

3 days
18 hours

Presentation of products, equipment, accessories
Brands and suppliers
Health and safety rules
Work based on personal research
Assistance in the realization of make-up
Training on Models provided

3 days
18 hours

Products, equipment, accessories
Brands and suppliers
Health and safety rules
Work based on personal research
Assistance in the realization of make-up
Training on Models provided

3 days
18 hours

Specific products, equipment, accessories
Health and safety rules
Work based on creative research and inspiration
Assistance in the realization of make-up
Training on Models provided

2 days
12 hours

Focus on products, equipment, accessories
Organize your work plan
Acquire dexterity and speed of execution
Transform an existing make-up according to an imposed theme
Transform an existing make-up according to your inspiration and creativity
Assistance in the realization of Flash make-up
Training on Models provided

10 days
60 hours

Bruises, haematomas, cuts, scars, burns, breaks, infections
Injury by glass splinters
Bullet impacts
Perforations by objects
Specific FX and make-up products, equipment, accessories
Brands and suppliers
Health and safety rules
Realization of make-up Special effects make-up
Training on Models provided

Research work
Define your SFX project: institutional campaign, short film, series…
Determining the appropriate make-up
Choosing the right products
Making the make-up

The skin evolution of the face with age
Aging a woman
Aging a man
Specific FX and make-up products, equipment and accessories
Brands and suppliers
Health and safety rules
Training on Models provided

Bordeaux: Individual or group training(s)
Other Cities-Regions: Some of our trainings can take place on your professional site (Expenses in addition to be planned: travel, transportation, accommodation, meals…).
For more information, please contact us.

Whatever your background:
Welcome to Smart And Make Up

Training at 2 levels: Beginner or advanced

We can also create together, your personalized training program, tailor-made, according to your needs, your level of knowledge, your objective or project… Do not hesitate to ask us.

Our trainings take place during the week as well as on weekends.

A training certificate is delivered at the end of each course.

Must be at least 18 years of age.
Before registration:
Telephone interview or by skype or by appointment, in order to get to know each other, to discuss your expectations, needs and motivations, to allow us to advise you and guide you in the choice of the module(s).

Own financing
We offer you, under certain conditions, the possibility to pay for your training in 2, 3 times without charge, in order to allow you to join us.
Let’s talk about it

Do you have a question about when a possible support for your training? We will gladly answer it.
Would you like us to take care of the constitution of your file, to transmit your request for support to the organization concerned?
Our administrative support service is made for this purpose.
Cost of the administrative support service: 120€ (all taxes included) per file.

Team Smart
We call upon our team of external speakers to animate certain modules. Professionals recognized in their field, who ensure you a high quality teaching.

We contact models for your practical applications. You can also call on your knowledge.

Professional Kit
To begin your training, we ask you to come with your own brush kit(s). If you don’t have one, we offer you a “classic” make-up brush kit for sale.

To follow the Special Effects training, we give you a list of Face & Body brushes and accessories, if you don’t have any.
This material must be acquired before starting the training.

Agenda Training sessions
Contact us to find out the dates of the sessions scheduled in Bordeaux or to define the dates of your individual training(s), either at our workshop or at your workplace.

Sandrine MYON


Declaration of activity N°7533 10392 33


Your beauty revealed

We put all our expertise in beauty make-up to make you look your best.

Whether it’s to please you, for an interview, for a meeting…
Whether you appreciate a “second skin” or more “sophisticated” makeup, you are in good hands.

We advise you in the choice of the make-up service best suited to your expectations.

Make-up service from 55€/pax
Make-up service Air flow- technical Airbrush from 75€/pax

Services provided in the workshop
Prices are quoted starting from

Mousseline from 290€
One make-up test at the workshop
Beauty on the D-day

Topaze from 490€
One make-up test and Hairstyle test at the workshop
Beauty and hairdressing on the D-day

Taffetas from 440€
Two make-up tests at the workshop
Beauty on the D-day

Rubis from 790€
Two make-up tests and hairstyle tests, at the workshop
Beauty and hairdressing on the D-day

Organza from 990€
One make-up test, for the day, at the workshop
One make-up test, for the evening, at the workshop
Beauty on the D day
Make-up “touch-ups” during the day
Beauty on the D-day evening, for your wedding “party”

Diamant from 1490€
At your site 
throughout the day
Two make-up tests at the workshop
Two hairdressing tests at the workshop
Beauty and hairdressing on the D day
Beauty and hair styling for photo shoots
Beauty and hairdressing “touch-ups”
Evolutive Beauty and hairdressing for your wedding evening party

Whatever the service chosen:
An appointment has been arranged :  phone, Skype, Face to get to know each other and exchange ideas about your desire, your make-up and hair ideas.
We discuss: the theme of your wedding (if you have decided on one), the style of your dress, hair ornaments and many other points.

We are here to advise you and sublimate you: we submit you make-up and hairdressing inspirations, according to the morphology of your face, the shape of your eyes…

We decide on a date for your test (s)
Before D-Day , we provide you with an organisational description of the preparation for the Great Day

We operate throughout France, in Europe and internationally.

We provide Wedding services in all traditions: Ask for a quote

Travel expenses in addition for all services performed outside the workshop
Mobility: Car ( kilometric costs, parking, tolls, parking rental…), Taxi, Train  ( booking fees, cancellation fees, Taxes…), Airplane ( booking fees, cancellation fees, Taxes…), Other transport…
Accommodation and meals

For your wedding: Put in Beauty and effect “good look” of your guests, wedding witnesses, “family”, bridesmaid (s), friends…

From 75€ a person

Make-up & Hair
From 120€ a person

Make-up ( and hair) on your wedding place: Travelling costs in addition

So man 55€
An appointment ? An interview ? A party ? A colloquium ? Or simply desire to look good, to feel you irresistible…

Cupidon fo man 85€*
You go to say “YES”
*Put in beauty” on your wedding place: travelling costs in addition

Put in Beauty to the workshop


Your contact

Sandrine MYON

06 26 09 60 33

Atelier Ephémère - Co Working . Triangle d’Or
33000 Bordeaux



Between You and me.